Project Pneuma is changing the narrative daily that African American youth and the Baltimore City Police Department can coexist and does it well. Since its’ inception Project Pneuma has partnered with the Baltimore City Police Department and trains at the Baltimore City Public Safety and Training Facility in Northwest Baltimore. This location houses the Baltimore City Police Academy. Project Pneuma youth and the recruits of the Police Academy train, learn and grow together weekly and have forged lifelong bonds of friendship, admiration and respect.

These relationships extend way beyond the Police Academy. Some of the recruits and officers accompany us on trips. They show up at the school. We have also broken bread with one another. This is truly Cultural Competency Training at its’ best! We have open, honest and very candid dialogues because we all know that relationship building is a must. This collaboration is what makes Project Pneuma so special because we truly mean and live it when we way that we are “Breathing New Life!”