ExposureProject Pneuma wants to ensure that we give our boys every opportunity to experience everything that life has to offer. Many inner city youth often don’t see beyond what they experience in their communities. Project Pneuma works very hard to change that narrative. We dare to be different for the enrichment of our young men. We understand that if a child, especially those with limited economic means and not-so-stable homes, gets an opportunity to experience new cultures, places and things then they can begin envisioning the “What If” in their lives. These are the moments that we are striving to see.

Our young men will be exposed to college campuses, the theatre and arts, restaurants as well as fun and innovative trips that will expose their young minds to a whole new world of endless possibilities. Exposure may very well be the integral part of Project Pneuma. Once a child sees that the world is different beyond what they’ve imagined then the will get the real thirst to imagine more.