Martial ArtsProject Pneuma focuses on the extremely intense yet extremely honorable Martial Arts. The Martial Arts has a history of cultivating great men of integrity, respect, perseverance, honor and a warrior spirit of never giving up individually and as a team. The Martial Arts are not only for sport, self-defense and combat; but are a way of life. Our young men will learn lessons that they can carry with them for a lifetime.

Martial Arts is also a great option for our young men because it can be and often done as a team while still solely focusing on the individual practitioner. As a team competition the young martial artist must compete on their own to help lead their teams to victory. We want our young men to understand that there will be times in their lives that they must be able to compete to bring glory to the team and not merely themselves. More importantly Martial Arts have a strong philosophy centered on family, structure and personal growth and development.

Improvements Obtained through the Martial Arts

Mental Improvements

Mental Concentration: Not only physically will you find yourself being able to “go that extra mile”, but mentally as well. This is the ability to relax and concentrate deeply and more fully for greater lengths of time.

Personal Relationships: Both at work or at school, and with family and friends. Along with the mental concentration and respect for others comes an awareness of others and their needs. Respect, courtesy, kindness and sensitivity towards others will affect personal relationships.

Positive Attitude: The ability to defend oneself greatly improves self-confidence. Self-confidence combines with better judgment, integrity and overall improvement in lifestyle brings about a positive attitude.

Physical Accomplishments Include:

Improved Balance and Coordination: The will carry over into other activities of life. Also Instinct, agility and speed will all show vast improvements.

Flexibility: One of the first areas change will occur. Even touching your toes sets you apart from the majority of people. Good flexibility not only promotes good posture and physical looks, but will continue to improve your life physically as you age.

Endurance: Like flexibility, endurance will continue to show great improvements as you practice. Endurance will affect many areas such as becoming less tired while traveling, ability to excel in sports and constant increase of energy level.