YogaProject Pneuma understands that many young African American boys struggle with impulse control, self-regulation of emotions, and maintaining focus. While some of these boys may have a diagnosed disorder, others may simply be experiencing life challenges that they don’t have the skills to navigate successfully. Building these skills is possible and essential for success in life. The tools of yoga and mindfulness offer both a way to handle these challenges in the moment, and a way to increase children’s resilience and ability to self-regulate in the future. The comprehensive discipline of yoga provides two essentials for our youths: Emotional nourishment and physical fitness; creating calm and balanced minds while building strong and flexible bodies.

Yoga is rooted in mindfulness – becoming aware of our physical self through movement, while merging mind and body to the present moment. The practice enhances self-awareness, compassion, attention, creativity and empathy. It provides the skills to be calm, resilient, and grounded – forming the foundation to better connect with our inner-world and our surroundings.